Book "Kissing Flowers"

A 60 page photo essay chronicling 8 seasons of hummingbird photography, behavior and hi-jinx.

Book "Loving Julia"

Teaching love through self portraiture in a world that preaches the inadequate concepts of tolerance and acceptance. Miss Grey is a gender positive advocate who celebrates the strength & beauty of diversity, unlocks the binary gender code and shatters stereotypes through traditional portraiture with a non-traditional subject. It is irreverent, intimate, sensual and empowering.

Book "Loving Julia II"

Do flowers like people? And why don't some breasts look like mountains? From humorously creative to the stark reality of living with severe illness, Julia Grey tackles it with humor and dignity; all while in 6" heels.

Book "Loving Julia III"

"Feminine? Masculine? Her answers are depicted in these artfully staged photos. This is not costume; this is not drag; this is not Camp. This is a transgender person making her dual self comfortable, at ease, fulfilled...Thoughtful, arresting, and instructional– Julia has created art while learning to live." - Bruce Pfau. Nudity.

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