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Julia Grey

Publications & links

Unitas, Charles.  "Artist interview - Miss Julian Grey", My Photo Spot, Web, August 2, 2017   LINK

Letter to the editor.  "North Adams Impresses Former County Resident", Berkshire Eagle, Web, September 7, 2015      LINK


Mazzeo, Leo.  "Got Down", Arts Indie, Web, August 31, 2015      LINK


Abbott, Kate.  "Downstreet Art Lights Downtown", btwberkshires, Web, October 6, 2015      LINK


Seven, John.  "Soul Searching With A Camera", The North Adams Transcript.  January 17, 2014 p. A6  LINK

Giuliano, Charles: “Ian Grey’s Hummingbirds”,  Berkshire Fine Arts, Web, November 12, 2012      LINK

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