OST (Open Shutter Technique)

July, 2017: I have changed the way I create with a camera. I no longer think of a photo as a brief moment, but instead think of the camera as a canvas where time to paint with light is practically limitless. This has allowed me to create the impossible. With the exception of MPP images, all OST photos are single exposure with no layering or compositing, created in the moment.


November, 2018:

API (Anthropomorphic Photo Illustration) is an OST in which a photograph is "painted" using the human body as the brush.


August, 2019: MPP, or Multi Perspective Photography, is an OST that uses multiple synced camera/lens combinations to capture the same subject/scene. The resulting photos are blended to reveal a moment in time that reflects different perspectives.


IM/ICM (Intentional Movement/Intentional Camera Movement) Is when the camera and/or subject are moved to create different effects - a painterly look in my case - and is used widely throughout my work.

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