OST (Open Shutter Technique)

OST stands for open shutter technique and allows for greater creativity in camera, sans Photoshop. In general, it is accomplished by opening and closing the shutter manually using the camera’s bulb function. All OST photos are single exposure with no layering or compositing, created in the moment.

Open Shutter Techniques used:

Traditional OST

July, 2017: Traditional OST uses tightly controlled flash to illuminate a scene piece by piece.


November, 2018: API (Anthropomorphic Photo Illustration) is an OST in which a photograph is "painted" using the human body as the brush. An "analogue" technique that uses a constant light source.


April, 2020: PPP (Photographic Performance Piece) combines use of flash with constant light.


November, 2018: MLI (Multi Location Imaging) is an OST in which one imprints separate scenes from different locations on the camera sensor. One common use for this technique is to place people/objects in impossible locations.


IM/ICM (Intentional Movement/Intentional Camera Movement) Is when the camera and/or subject are moved to create different effects and is used widely throughout my work.